How to Style a Prince Coat

A man always wishes to look smart and elegant as a groom. Therefore, one cannot take may risks when it comes to buying a wedding suit.  However, it is important to be aware of the best options available when it comes to deciding on a look for the big day.

Usually, a Sherwani is a good option for the wedding day and a Prince Coat is the preferred selection on the Valima ceremony. Prince Coats add a touch of sophistication and aristocracy to the look.

Classic Off-White Sherwani paired with a Red Turban


White & Gold Masoori Prince Coat


One may choose to go for a traditional Western Three Piece Suit for the Valima ceremony but with a Prince Coat, there are many more colour and design options available. There are multiple fabric options to choose from for instance Velvet, Masoori, Jammawar and other delicate fabrics.

While a suit has a classic and timeless look, there are not as many fabric or style options. On the other hand, traditional menswear is available in a variety of colours and style options. A Prince Coat can therefore strike a beautiful balance between modern and traditional looks.

A question that often arises is what can a Prince Coat be paired with? It is a versatile clothing item that can be styled in a variety of ways according to the occasion.

For instance, a Prince Coat paired with a kurta is the perfect choice for a fun Qawali night or musical event. When worn on top of shalwar kameez or kurta shalwar, it can serve as a great choice for a Nikkah or engagement event.

A Prince Coat paired with Kurta Trouser


A Prince Coat paired with Kurta Shalwar or Shalwar Kameez


A Prince Coat can also be worn with a shirt and a pair of trousers on the Valima ceremony for a classic look.


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