The fibres are longer, creating fabric that is smoother, silkier, and stronger. When you touch it, you’ll feel how extraordinarily soft it is, and how utterly comfortable it is to wear. In other words, our cotton has an extra special oooooh factor that you simply can’t get from any other fabric. We’ve put it to work in a new collection of rather beautiful everyday shirts, at everyday prices for good measure. Whatever your day holds, start it with an oooooh.



The fibres in our cotton are longer than regular cotton, meaning there are fewer splices when the cotton is woven into yarn. This results in threads that are softer, smoother and more resistant to stress.

Our cotton fibres are also finer than regular cotton, which means more of them can be used in one shirt. Having more threads per square inch of fabric produces a stronger cloth that is lightweight and very breathable.

What’s more, the extra long fibres mean our cotton is resistant to pilling and will actually become softer with each wash, so our cotton shirt will look and feel better for longer.

Kapok Shirts

shirts neatly folded and arranged.

The cotton in our shirts is hand-picked to make sure it’s the best quality in the cotton field (unlike machinery-picked cotton that can be damaged during the picking process). 

Thanks to the high thread count, there are around 378,000 yards of cotton in each of our shirts. This means our cotton shirts are as soft and smooth as silk, but much cooler and easy-breathing. They are truly luxurious against the skin. Treat yourself to a Kapok cotton shirt and you will quickly feel and see the difference.


Our Favourite Cotton shirts