Guide to Men’s Shirt Weaves

A fabric weave refers to how two unique sets of threads are woven at right angles with each other.  Knowing about weaves is important because a fabric’s weave determines its comfort, durability, smoothness, drape and tear strength. 

Our formal cotton shirts come in three different types of weaves namely End-on-End, Twill and Herringbone. Below is a guide to help you understand the different weaves of men’s shirts that we offer.


End-on-end is one of most popular types of fabric weaves used for making formal shirts. It is a type of Poplin weave where two threads of different colours are interwoven at right angles. One of these threads is usually white in colour which softens the overall tone of the colour. From afar, the fabric looks like it is of one solid colour but when examined up-close, it has more variation.

End-to-end shirts have a characteristic smoothness and are cool to wear.  They look exceptionally crisp when ironed and thus serve well as office wear and are ideal for formal occasions such as business meetings.


Twill fabric is made by weaving each of the weft and warp threads over and under two vertical threads. This gives it a distinctive diagonal pattern which is easily recognizable for most people. This type of fabric tends to be thicker and softer than end-to-end fabric.

Twill fabric is also fairly crease-resistant so is often used for non-iron shirts.  Compared to the end-on-end fabric, twill has a better drape thus a fine twill shirt gives off an elegant and luxurious look. However, it is not as crisp in appearance as the an end-on-end shirt.  A twill shirt is ideal for travelling due to its resistance to creasing but it can also serve well for formal occasions.


Herringbone is a type of twill weave where the threads are woven to form a V-shaped look.  Its name comes from its visual similarity to a herring fish’s bones.  This traditional pattern can be seen in fabrics besides shirt cotton such as wool tweeds.

Since it is a type of twill, herringbone fabric is naturally less likely to crease and drapes nicely as well. Shirts made from this fabric are smooth to the touch, durable, soft and have a nice sheen. Herringbone shirts are versatile enough to work for both business dress events and casual occasions.

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