About Us

Welcome to Kapok

Kapok is national fashion brand embodies elegance and excellence since 2016. Originated in Pakistan it pursued to provide the quality products. Kapok set up its own factory in 2015 where high quality stuff is made through refined and advanced fabric. We specialize in cotton fabric which is one of the world’s oldest known fabrics, dating back to ancient Egypt and prehistoric Mexico.

Our products satisfy the customer’s essential and give them sense of arrogance. It all started with an outlet at Giga Mall in 2019 which is a shopping hub for those who seek to buy the latest in fashion. The main idea behind launching Kapok was to reintroduce traditional clothes with a blend of modernism. For this purpose, we initiated with working on our Eastern dresses, especially Kameez Shalwar and made them contemporary with the latest elaboration available.

Our brand can be defined as a fashion retail that is rich, elegant and stylish in traditional ensembles. We have buying stores and online services to make eminence fashion accessible for local and international customers. The company specializes in Men’s Shirts, Kurta Pajama, Shalwar Kameez, Waist Coats, Blazers and Kids Suiting (Shalwar Kameez, Kurta, Waist Coats and Shirts).

Goals, Vision, Mission



We aim to bring trendy wears with passionate designs the one desire for at affordable prices. Our eminent approach contributes to the development of society and the environment with which we relate. Our strategy is to react to new trends in a quicker way that is called instant fashions.



Kapok’s vision is to be the first choice in family retail clothing while maximizing customer satisfaction and shareholder value. Kapok is a brand-builder; it likes to create emotional connection with its customers though stimulating product design, unique store experiences and friendly online services.



To transform the Company into a new and exciting finished product manufacturing Company that is elaborately encouraged playing a significant role on maintainable basis in the economy of Pakistan.

Brand Positioning

We believe our customers have right to know how much their clothes cost to make. We reveal the true costs behind all of our products-from materials to labor to transportation-then offer them to you, minus the traditional retail markup. We provide our customers with trendy and high fashion products at lower prices to accommodate their requirements. It offers suits that whenever there is any occasion and anyone can get a new dress just going to Kapok for its stitched collection. Price is justifiable and everyone get appreciation when wearing it. The ready to wear market has real potential and customers, despite having at least 15 to 20 good brands to choose from, are eager for more options. However, kapok succeeded in creating an individual identity instead of just following the market leaders.