A Guide to Men’s Fashion in Pakistan

Pakistan’s men fashion is a combination of traditional and modern styles.

Shalwar Kameez

The traditional attire for men in Pakistan is the shalwar kameez, which is a long tunic top worn with loose-fitting pants. The shalwar kameez is typically made of cotton or other lightweight fabrics and can be worn in a variety of colors and designs.

Sky grey shalwar kameez


Shalwar kameez paired with a waistcoat



In addition to the shalwar kameez, men in Pakistan also wear the kurta, which is a long, loose-fitting shirt that falls just above the knee. The kurta can be worn with a variety of pants, including the shalwar, churidar, and pajama.

Vibrant kurtas paired with white trousers


Navy kurta paired with a shalwar of the same colour


Traditional Accessories

Accessories such as the turban, pagri, and the traditional Pakistani shoes named khussa, are worn on formal occasions.

Formal Suits

In urban areas, men are also seen wearing western attire such as suits and trousers paired with button-down shirts. These clothes are generally worn in formal events or in offices.


In recent years, Pakistani men’s fashion has been influenced by the fashion industry and Pakistani fashion designers have been showcasing their collection on international platforms. This has helped to promote the traditional and cultural values of Pakistan while also keeping up with the current trends.

Overall, Pakistani men’s fashion is a blend of traditional and modern styles, with a focus on comfort, elegance, and cultural heritage.

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